Meet Babs & Jennie

Babs is a passionate adventurer. He’s driven by physical and mental challenges that push him way beyond his comfort zone. Amongst his adventures over the past 10 years he has swam the largest open water race in Australia, twice; he’s climbed several 4000+ meter mountains in France, Norway, Africa and Pakistan; he’s embarked on ski mountaineering tours in the wilderness of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps; and he’s rowed a gig across the English Channel.

Babs found a scrub of land on a plateau in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco a number of years ago and had a vision to create one of the most desirable boutique destinations in the world. With no local knowledge, no contacts, no power, no idea if there was water, just enough money to buy the land and build half a house, this special place is now up and running.

“That all sounds pretty cool right? Well, that’s the hero part of the story. Perhaps the more poignant version is that this was a long, uncomfortable baptism of fire, during which I had to dig very deep and question a ton of assumptions about the myself and the way things really are in the world.

What started off as a frivolous ego-driven project, became the most fertile soil for learning and growth. I was brought to my knees many times (each time with its own lesson), dark nights of the soul, staring into my own personal abyss, fear, alongside courage, persistence and clear perspective on what’s truly important. I have definitely earned a few stripes along the way.”

Babs is currently co-building an entirely new type of travel company, where business and impact exist in equilibrium and whose vision is to redefine the future of travel.


Jennie is fascinated by the human experience and passionate about personal transformation. Over the last 13 years she has immersed herself in her own personal growth adventure, which has seen her go from having limited vision and no idea of what to do next after having kids, to building a internationally respected global transformational private coaching practice for high performers.

She was personally trained by Bob Proctor of the film ‘The Secret’, as a certified Life Success Consultant, and is a certified Divine Living Coach.

Jennie exudes possibility.  She is an expert in drawing out what lies within people, creating and holding the space for people’s greatness even when they can’t yet see it.  She combines coaching and adventure experiences for clients, expertly using environments to help shift perspectives and energy, and drawing out people’s missions.

She’s the co-founder of Vortex, a transformational collective of some of the world’s leading facilitators who guide global leaders through deep transformational processes, and on the Council of COmastermind, an emerging leadership community serving those building new world systems.

When she’s not coaching, travelling or playing in the rice paddy’s of Bali or the mountains, she’s committed to progressive education and moved the entire family to Bali so their children could attend the Green School.

Jennie is also an adventurer (although lower octane than her husband) and has learnt to go with the flow on their family adventures, which range from wild bush camping excursions in the outback to navigating snowy couloirs in the Alps.

I’ve learnt through experience that we truly have the ability to create the most extraordinarily fulfilled reality. I am now stepping up and using my superpowers to initiate global change whilst remaining true to my core values of freedom and family. 

People are my playground.  No matter where you are on your journey, I see you firmly in your potential even when it’s murky for you.  If I can do it, so can you.


Together Babs & Jennie have created a life that is constantly evolving and laced with adventure. After spending 3 years living in the ski resort, Chamonix, in the French Alps, they have now moved to the Island of Bali to give their two children the chance to immerse themselves in progressive education at The Green School, Bali.