A little insight into coaching and why you don’t need one (especially me).

Coaching is a funny one.

It’s becoming more and more accepted in the world but I still come across people all the time, who raise an eyebrow when they find out I am personal coach.

At a party the other day, a guy who we have become friends with in Chamonix came up to me in a slightly drunken state and started talking about how awesome he thought Babs and I were (how cool!).

However he then proceeded to say that he found me really intimidating. At that point I choked on my mojito. Seriously, I have to be one of the least intimidating people out there….but maybe that’s because I know what goes on inside me.

He said because of what I do, he feels insecure around me, and that he’s got all these faults that need fixing, and he ‘knows’ I can see straight through him.

A prime example of someone that doesn’t understand what coaching is about, or what I am about.

When I meet someone, I’m not looking at someone’s ‘faults’.

I’m simply interested in one thing.

That is….what their dreams are and what makes them happy, here and now.

Which is why I am a coach. That is what I get to do all day long.






So let me explain a little further about how I see coaching (please remember, this is my subjective opinion).

• Coaching is not something that is needed
• It’s also not for the ‘needy’
• It doesn’t fix you
• It doesn’t heal you
• It isn’t for the dysfunctional

There are incredible therapies and therapists, healers, and counselors who are there to provide you with what you need.

Coaching is there for you if you want to create change.

Notice the word I used there.


You have a coach and pay for coaching because you want it, not because you need it.

Because you want to up level in some way.

You want to change the outcome of your future in some way.

You want to have more connected relationships.

You want to take your business to the next level.

You want to live your dreams, and learn to dream bigger.

You want to make the impossible possible.

It’s exciting, it’s progressive and it’s all about moving forward.

Of course, often to move forward you have to go backwards and identify what is stopping you moving forward, that’s part of it.

Coaching is for people that want to go from good to great. For people who want to be able to go beyond what they are able to do alone, and live and work in an extraordinary way.

That’s why it’s one of the most exciting things you can do.

And one of the most interesting things I witness? The thing people think they are coming to have coaching for often isn’t the thing that they actually end up working on.

I had a session with someone the other day with someone who was feeling overwhelmed and ‘busy’ in their business. In the two hours we spent together we didn’t talk about their business once. That wasn’t what the true desire actually was. It was all about their relationship and the way they were living personally, through the insights they gained in our time together, within a week, a huge transformation had taken place and is now impacting his business as well in a positive way.

I had another client who came to me because they also felt that the way they were running their business was unsustainable. Again, we didn’t end up focusing on that until two months in, it was her personal dreams and desires that needed the attention. Her life is unrecognizable now. All change. Now, having done that, she has the space and energy to focus on taking her business from 6 to 7 figures.

So what about YOU?

Do you really take time to think about what you want?

Do want to live in an extraordinary way? (And that doesn’t mean having to pack your bags and travel the world)

Do you want to go beyond your fear and limiting beliefs and see what is possible rather than constantly what isn’t?

If you do, get yourself a coach.

Have a coaching experience.

Try it on for size, with me or someone else you are drawn to as a coach.

Reach out and ask for a real coaching experience rather than a quick ‘here’s what I’m selling are you interested call’.

I’m personally travelling the next few weeks, I’m currently in the UK and then heading to Norway and Croatia, so I am only able to open a couple of slots if you want to have a ‘coaching experience’ with me.

To qualify you have to meet the following:

1. You are a high functioning individual (male or female) who doesn’t need coaching, BUT you want to go from good to great

2. You show up committed, open and coachable

3. You know you are resourceful and you are a fast action taker

Sound like you?

Yes? Then contact my team on annelouise@jenniehk.com and we’ll get you set up for an experience!