The Facebook Mastermind Community Engagement – Coaching with Confidence


To ensure the group is of highest service to you we state the following:

Our community group is only for paid members who are in good standing. We don’t control Facebook. If they decide to change their policies, or they choose to charge members of Facebook groups, there’s nothing JHK Coaching & Consulting Ltd can do about it. This may result in the limiting or removal of our ability to keep the Facebook group open. We reserve the right to eliminate the Facebook group entirely. 

While this Facebook group is a support community, it is not the place to go looking for professional therapy. 

Any opinions, ideas, advice, or other contributions made by members of the community are those of the author. This means that you are relying on such information at your own risk. So don’t solely rely on advice or opinions given in the group. Use them as pointers, and either do your own outside research or seek professional advice. 

We want this to be an amazing experience for you. But if you make a mistake, if you slip up, here’s what we might have to do. We might remove your post without notice. If your post is inappropriate, self-promotional, goes against the teaching within our course, unethical, hurtful, or at all inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove it immediately. Again, this is because we want this is be an incredible community and everyone to thrive. We might contact you directly to let you know that you’ve violated our terms. We could also have our lawyer contact you if the issue is serious enough. We could have to remove you completely from the course and the community.

That said, come on over and join us!