This thing called being human is complicated, and it’s not.

We make it incredibly complicated – myself included and I have to constantly remind myself of the truth. Today is a day I need reminding and perhaps you do to.

The truth is, we come into this world whole and complete. We are born as miracles from pure creative energy.

Pause on that for a moment – what does that even mean? We often don’t even think about that. The very fact that you and I are on this planet right now is a miracle – it’s not something that we worked hard and made happen, it happened because we are meant to be here, and is the most natural thing in the world.

 I mean, I made two sets of EYEBALLS in my stomach!! I didn’t know HOW to do that – I just did it – because there was something greater than me and what I know to do, working behind the scenes.

Then over time we are shaped. Shaped by what ‘happens’ TO us, what people ‘TELL’ us, and what we DECIDE and we begin to think that is real. That IS reality.

Oh, and you have a whole bunch of evidence, circumstances to prove it. So, it must be real.

I have the privilege of hearing with curiosity about people’s s-called realities in my work as a coach.

Everyone has a different one. Which is kind of weird in itself right – that every single person on this planet has a different reality — ummm, so whose is the real one??

Until you can see it’s all made up you will stay firmly in that ‘reality.’

And then what is interesting is that someone will come to me wanting to change that reality in some form – whether that is to solve a problem, be more connected in relationships, shift financially, create more space, it doesn’t really matter what it is.

When I suggest that perhaps that their experience of life is simply due to what they have made things mean it is often met with a lengthy explanation of why it is all very real.

We cling to those stories like life or death.

Because we believe we ARE those stories. Who are we without them after all?

Question for you to ponder, and just try on..

What if you weren’t your story?

Surely that would leave you with….


What if that creative power, that brought you into the world and helped me make eyeballs, has been right here all along to support you be who you really are in all your fullest potential?

And what if it has been waiting there patiently for you to listen and support you in ways that are beyond your imagination, but you’ve been too busy being busy being your story.

If you gave yourself the gift of space to drop into that space of freedom and unwavering creative power and support….

What would you create?

Play with it, it’s just a game.