An Intimate Group Exploration.

A 4-month insightful journey to elegantly navigating a life you enjoy.

Peace of Mind. Deeper Relationships. Greater Flow. Increased Performance. 



As a high achiever, you’re smart, educated, dynamic and resourceful.
You are admired by many.
Both you and others have high expectations of you.

The pressure and responsibility to constantly be on and improve your game can be intense.
Oh, and holding it all together. Of course.

Enter the world of self-improvement…that’s what you need right? 

Be more. Do more. Have more.
Focused goals.
Morning routines.
7 steps to this, that, and everything else to become more successful.

Adding more and more to your to-do list.

In a world where we are experiencing accelerated change and mass information, it’s easy to lose sight of who we really are, as we are too busy trying to be someone else. 

Exhale. What if less was more?

Insight is a refreshing approach to coaching and personal development. It turns much of what I learnt, taught and coached around for many years on its head. With good reason.

The Focus?

The simplicity of understanding of how every single human’s experience is being generated moment to moment. Truly seeing for yourself what you’ve got going for you.

The Impact?

So much thinking, stress, trying to fix oneself and others….falls away. Leaving you in the present (no techniques required) whilst embracing all facets of being human.

The Result?

Enjoying life more, every single day.

Oh, and a few added benefits:

  • Connection to your own innate widsom guiding you every day
  • Transformational insights
  • Greater confidence to take leaps
  • Naturally deeper connection in relationships
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Increased performance
  • Peace of mind


This is an online, group teaching & coaching programme for a maximum of 10 people for 4 months, delivered in the following way:

  • Short, digestible videos from me to you, teaching you this simplistic approach hosted in a Facebook Group to spark your own transformational insights
  • A dynamic online space for on-demand Monday-Friday coaching and sharing of insights as we move through the teachings and take them into your life
  • Monthly live group coaching calls via Zoom 
  • Access to me privately on WhatsApp 
  • A tight, connected community giving you unprecedented support

This is intentionally not time consuming nor loaded with required action. It’s creating a space for you to have life changing insights. And that can happen in a moment. 


Jennie HKApril Blanchard, CEO, Breathe Research
The perfect experience of anti-coaching; no rules, no more not being good enough or having to change who you are, just a gentle and loving process of stripping back to who you really are.  Enlightening and very supportive.
Jennie HKFiona Strachan
I can’t put into words the amazing and positive impact being part of this group has had on me and across all the different parts of my life, with the added bonus of building connections with my fabulous Insight buddies.
Jennie HKUri Yeszerski, Real Estate & Entrepreneur
Get ready for an insightful effortless yet profound shift in your day to day being.

Jennie HKJill Lewis, Founder, Global Education Consultant
Insight draws you back to your own intuitive thinking, allowing you to understand and live your reality through the lense you wear.   Being in a small group creates a safe space for compassionate and supportive personal growth, whilst being deeply nurtured, and being met exactly where you are in the moment.
Jennie HKNicky Stephenson, Teacher
I was initially a little apprehensive that I might perhaps feel inferior within a group, but not only has this group coaching led me to have far more belief in my own worth, I have made a group of life-long friends along the way.
Jennie HKCamilla
I have found the insights from this course very helpful and the support from the group invaluable.

The Details

Insight 2.0 commencing 16th September 2019


£1,995 (UK)

Next Steps

If you’d like to apply to be a part of Insight please send an email with the subject INSIGHT to schedule a call to see if this is a good fit.

About Jennie HK

Jennie is a transformational coach, working with high performers around the globe who are mission based, and non-negotiable about living meaningful and joyful lives.

She works with CEO’s and entrepreneurs from diverse industries, to awaken them to their innate wellbeing, inner peace and enhanced performance.


She believes in the power of experiences and can be found taking her clients to the mountains of Chamonix, the serenity of her hotel in Morocco, or to her current home…Bali, where she lives with her husband and two children.