As much as I am an advocate of personal development work, it at times can be completely overwhelming and dare I say it, ridiculous with all the ‘things’ we are supposed to do to become expansive, happy beings.

The more I let go, the simpler I see it all to be.

My observation is firstly we are all ultimately seeking the same things.

Peace of mind. Feeling alive. Connection.

The lengths to which we go to experience these feelings is comical when you think about it.

The gratitudes, journals, affirmations, meditations, chanting, the 50 million types of breathing and endless ‘hacks’ – this only the touches the surface.

Addictions to work, drugs, people, exercise, alcohol, money, food, approval blah blah blah – all to feel….a peace of mind, a sense of being alive and deep connection.

I’ve been working with some of the (in theory) smartest minds on the planet recently (think billionaires, founders of cutting edge companies) yet it’s still the same.

The endless pursuit of something that they believe is external to them.

I know this is a massive cliche but witnessing the Balinese going about their day brings it home. The general sense of community, gentleness, love, smiles, time and space that oozes out of them is palpable.

They are really not trying to ‘get’ anywhere. They are simply enjoying and living, now.

I’m not saying that the personal development tools are a waste of time, they are not, and can be transformative and I am an advocate for experiencing different things for sure.

But if we could just remember:

  • Peaceful is our natural state
  • We are alive (last time I checked)
  • We are all connected anyway because we are all essentially one, coming from the same energy

We would let go of the need for all these other things because we possess what we are already seeking.

What are you left with? A life with all its glorious facets and experiences.