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Co-Founder | Chairman & Exponential Technology, Investors, & CEO Practices at Strategic Executive Search (SES) Group

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Global Communications Expert- Moderator- TV Journalist – Change Maker| Nominated: ‘Moderator of the Year 2017’

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Jennie HKEvike Chang: Co-Founder & CEO, www.evike.com
Jennie provided a whole new perspective of the physical world and the mind. In some ways, slowed down time for me or provided me the ability to do so, which has always seemed impossible in the past. I adopted a healthier lifestyle and truly exponential mind set to provide growth in my business. I find myself more calm, confident, and overall less invisible burden on the shoulder weighing me down for no justified reason. There is much to learn from Jennie, and the adventures and journey Julie and I took in the last year will be an experience to look back on often in life.
Jennie HKClaire Cater, Founder, www.thesocialkinetic.com
If you're uncertain about coaching - then you probably need Jennie.  She's a lot like chilli chocolate if that makes sense. A surprising mix that works and challenges your preconceptions. I found she has challenged me with gentleness and light touch firmness - but always with positivity on every level.

Prioritising coaching (and me frankly), getting organised and changing my behaviour was tough and boy I took a while to adapt. But I have. Jennie has helped me to restore calm and control to my life, create a vision and head towards it. I've had the toughest time in my life in recent years and it's a testament to our work that I am more not less sane, than I was. I would almost say I feel like a responsible adult - but I never want to leave the child behind. I can't thank her enough.
Jennie HKApril Blanchard, Partner, www.breatheresearch.co.uk
When I first met Jennie, I felt she instantly ‘got me’ - the successful business woman with so many plates spinning she could open her own china shop!

Jennie is forensic in her ability to enable you to uncover the real truth, and the important issues that you haven’t even acknowledged to yourself. She does this in a way that is highly intuitive, and, importantly, feels safe.

She is an enabler who helps you carve your own furrow, rather than imposing a cookie cutter perspective.

I can truthfully say that working with Jennie, changed my life. I have gone from frantic to now having time to pursue personal passions and give more attention to my teenage children. Additionally I now have the headspace to take my business from six to seven figures.
Jennie HKHelen Whitaker, Artist
Before I met Jennie, I was burnt out, a high achieving, International Award winning Interior Designer, wanting to make a career change, to pursue my lifelong ambition to be an artist.

Except I didn’t believe I could mirror my success so I couldn’t get started.

Now, I have a date for my first Art exhibition in London, I am receiving commissions for portraits and I have been commissioned to produce art for several high end property developments.

Working with Jennie is one of the best things I have done in my life. I made a big decision to invest in myself and it is paying off massively in all areas of my now ‘desire led’ life.
Jennie HKPhilippa Craddock, Founder, Royal Wedding Florist,  www.philippacraddock.com
I went into working with Jennie thinking ‘oh, why not’, but had I realized what was involved and what I would get from our time together, my answer would have without a doubt been ‘absolutely, no question’.

I was highly ambitious before, but through the sessions with Jennie, dreams I had had previously of my business and lifestyle are without a doubt now possible and actually probably only a few years away. The speed at which things are happening are extraordinary.
Jennie HKDamian Hatton, Founder & CEO, www.impactinfocus.com
As a busy CEO who has seen the benefits over the years of engaging in personal development work and having a good coach as a sounding board, I have to remark as to how effective this approach and in particular to the quality of personalized coaching I received from Jennie.

I have learnt more over the short space of the last few weeks that has practical application within both my workplace and family setting than ever before!

Worth every penny and I would highly recommend to anyone who has aspirations to grow both themselves and their businesses/ careers.
Jennie HK
clairescottAfter reading Jennie’s book and recognizing a lot of how I was feeling within its pages I decided to work with Jennie.

Her obvious love for her work, knowledge and passion has inspired me to make the changes I needed to in my life to become ’irresistible’. I came away energised and inspired to achieve my ultimate goal of being mum while also being me and have a meaningful career. Three months later I am doing just that! Connecting with Jennie was one of the most daunting things I have done but I am so glad that I did as the results have been truly life changing.
Jennie HKChristina Gutsell, Client Service Director at KnowledgePool
When I started working with Jennie I had a successful, busy career in London.

But I had two dreams that kept getting pushed aside. I wanted a baby and I wanted to live in Cornwall. I didn’t believe either was possible.

After working with Jennie, not only did I fall pregnant after medics told me it was highly unlikely but I fulfilled my dream of moving to Cornwall and secured a higher paying role. Miracles happen if you let them.
Jennie HKKatie Phillips, www.daringandmighty.com
I have often found myself having an existential crisis, wondering what my life is all about. And now I know. Jennie has inspired & taught me that I can have the life I want and she has done it in such a way that I know this is not a passing phase. I am fully equipped to make it happen.

Her precision when asking questions and her ability to cut through any drama is beautiful.

Jen walks her talk and is one of the most authentic, inspiring, courageous women I know. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.
Jennie HKZoe Morrison, Yoga Professional
Working with Jennie has given me freedom: freedom to think, act and be the person I want to be.

I was trapped by a series of habits that had become a way of life for me. The process gave me the liberty to move forward and the strength of mind to move to a balanced personal environment and assisted me in organising my thoughts which has given me incredible clarity.

Jennie is a relaxed, non invasive facilitator of this process. She judges the situation and gently nudges at the appropriate moment and is always encouraging and motivating. It has been quite an experience to work on such a personal journey with a true professional. As a result I am already more than I ever believed I could be.
Jennie HK
SallyJennie has an ability to see things differently. I was uninspired in my business and it was consuming my life, yet to succeed there seemed no way around that.

Jennie helped me turn this around very quickly. We established that just a few tweeks here and there would make an enormous difference. Her sharp ability to grasp what’s going on and appreciate my unique skillset and who I am as a person, in a super short space of time was invaluable.

So here I am, once again totally excited about the work I can offer the world and the freedom to live the lifestyle I want. Totally inspired, this is a lady who really walks her talk in life.
Jennie HK
WendyMcCallumAs a single mother, with a business and two young children, one with autism, life can get overwhelming.

My biggest goal was to be able to financially support myself and spend quality time with my children whilst at the same time take care of myself.

Miracles do happen. During the coaching process my mortgage was paid off out the blue, I lost weight and have renewed energy, I have non-negotiable time with my children where I am fully present and have brought in a team of support that keep me consistently in a good place. ‘Me’ time is a priority I have disconnected from relationships that no longer serve me.

Jennie is an ongoing part of my support team that I could not do without.
Jennie HKAnja Stobbart, Writer
Jennieee! Mrs HK you have changed the way I think about myself, about my life and my work. You have helped me learn how to manage my emotions, how to respond not react and how I CAN live the life I want. I am a better Mum. I am a writer. Jennie HK – you have a lot to answer for. You know what you are doing.

Thank you for the tools you have handed me – I am using them everyday. And I think coaching will always be a part of my life now.
Jennie HKMariella O'Brien
Jennie possesses a kind of magic that turns the impossible to possible. I feel blessed to have worked with her as I would not be pursuing a path towards work I feel passionate about and a life of freedom, if it wasn't for Jennies graceful challenge and support. She helped me peel off layers of limiting beliefs and learn to listen to my inner voice. I am now able to bravely speak my truth into the world and to live in a way that feels easy and inspired.
Thank you Jennie, I will be back for more!
Jennie HKMaria Mara, Psychologist & Authentic Living Coach
Jennie is a breathe of fresh air. Working with her has been a profound journey and spending time with her in Chamonix too was a beautiful experience that combined depth, new awakenings and adventure! Jennie has an amazing ability to flip negative beliefs on their head and re-frame old stories and beliefs that no longer served me therefore creating space for new ideas that were itching to come through. Throughout our coaching journey she created a safe space where whatever i brought to the sessions she responded with love, new insights and fresh perspective. She has impacted me in huge ways and also in quiet deep ways.