Feel into these two different scenarios sitting in front of a coach. No right or wrong here, just different. Both powerful.

Scenario 1

Someone who is skilled and highly trained that can really see your challenges and blocks. Who in conversation points you deep into the problem to unpack, understand, and whilst sitting with you is working out which tool can help you.

They are listening to your language to hear the programming, and then setting you work and being there for you to catch you and hold you accountable, and continuing then to explore what’s stopping you when perhaps you don’t do the work. Together, pulling up sleeves and building the muscle.

Scenario 2

Someone that is sitting with you with nothing on their mind knowing you aren’t broken and nothing needs fixing. Being in presence with you. Seeing you for who you really are beyond and before the story. Who you are, being pure potential, love and wellbeing.

So deeply grounded in the truth of that because they have a deep embodied understanding of the true nature of every human being because they’ve seen it for themselves.

Their work with you is to wake you up to the truth and continually point you in that direction. You sit together in this space and see what arises, and then you go out into life and live.

My personal coaching practice used to be very much #1. Now….it’s shifted to #2. I’m constantly surprised by what transpires. The beauty of it is it’s simplicity. I occasionally merge the two, but am finding less and less it’s not necessary.

It perhaps doesn’t make logical sense. We know we all have conditioning that holds us back, so surely we have to go to work on that. The key in this sentence though is the ‘go to work’ on it. That I’m not so sure of now, I’ve seen too many examples of it falling away by someone seeing something new for themselves. Not always, granted. Some of us (including me at times) sure do refuse to look in another direction around certain things. Until we do.

One of the greatest gifts that this approach has given me is the confidence to be with any human being in a coaching capacity, no matter who they are. It’s opened the door to a much richer experience of being a coach, and of course for my business.

This isn’t for everyone for sure. But if you are feeling as an existing coach, or you are new to coaching, that you’d like to explore this, I’ve created an online coach training where I share everything I know around creating real impact both for you personally and for your clients.

If you are, let’s have a short conversation to see if this is a fit for you. Send me an email to jennie@jenniehk.com and we can explore together.