6 months ago I made a conscious decision.

Actually it was more of an experiment.

The experiment was to take a step away from the online world where I was feeling fatigued and immerse myself more fully in the exquisite, 3-dimensional world of offline.

This went against everything I had ‘learnt’ when it comes to building a coaching practice. The ‘list’ is everything, the relentless communication, the endless webinars, launches etc.

This way of doing things has created some of the most dynamic coaching practices in the world.

But simple truth it is, it’s not my thing. It never has been but I didn’t know any other way.

And so I stopped.

Here’s what has happened. In the last 6 months I have met (physically) some of the world’s most inspiring people from across the globe.

My Truth

People who have carved their own way in life, disregarding what is deemed ‘possible’ in this world and creating their own set of rules.

From the education of their kids, how they maintain optimum health, to how they create their wealth.

They span countless professions, are driven by passion-fueled missions, and are literally changing the world with their contribution.

It’s a world where love dominates, collaboration is rife, competition does not exist, and legacies are being made.

Personally, I’ve been cracked wide open by love, held up high by others belief in me, experienced vulnerability to my core, shed more tears than I have previously dared, hugged harder than I believed possible, played and danced like my life had depended on it, travelled across the globe, immersed my entire family in life changing experiences, and created deep, loving relationships.

Professionally, I’ve coached more in the last six months then ever before, the quality of people I am working with has me beyond inspired, and most importantly I’ve fallen back in love with my profession.

In short, I feel alive.

I’m writing this from the most stunning open walled Costa Rican villa deep in the jungle watching monkey’s swing by against the backdrop of the ocean.

All because I listened to what my soul needed.

So what about you? You have no idea what is available to you when you listen deeply to YOU, and dare to step beyond what you ‘should’ do.

I dare you.