A Powerful Online Personal & Group Coaching Space


It’s a gift.

And it can feel like the hardest thing to navigate at times.

We are born into this world with essentially a blank canvas.
Sure, we have our parents, our upbringing, culture and societal rules.
We create stories in our head about how things are and should be.
But, essentially we get to choose every single day how we create life.

Most people don’t grasp that concept.
Life happens to them.

Which can be awesome, relatively stress free, stable with inevitable blips along the way.

Then there are the ‘others’
The ones who are hell bent on creation
Doing things differently
Driven by impact, mission, adventure

Forever questioning
Pushing the boundries
Innovators, outliers, life junkies, game changers

From parenting, educating, travelling, entrepreneurial endeavours, shaping roles and pushing the boundaries within corporates, relationships, global issues, to optimizing health, calming our minds and greater connection.

The quest to question and create in these areas is endless for this group.
It’s exciting, exhilarating, and ground breaking.

And the challenges are great.

  • It can feel lonely, as a leader you are responsible for so much
  • There is little space for you to be vulnerable and speak openly about your fears as everyone is looking at you for the answers
  • Trying new ways of doing things results in more failure, the resilience you need can be exhausting
  • You often can’t see your genius as it’s so natural to you, which can have you feeling like something is always missing
  • People are quick to judge you for doing things differently so you often face criticism
  • Your mind is so active it’s hard to turn off, peace and space become elusive
  • Other people can be afraid to speak their truth to you so it’s hard to see other perspectives
  • Although you thrive on risk, the risks are real and can keep you up at night
  • It’s hard to find a group of people that will fiercely support you, lovingly challenge you, and provide a space to hold you in the mess and openly share connections with you
  • So much energy is put into your mission, the rest of life can get left behind

The consequences can be high

Here’s what I have witnessed in my coaching practice working with high performers:
I’ve seen marriages breakdown, health be neglected, stress levels go through the roof, addictions prevail (from technology to alcohol), children lacking the attention they need, friendships broken and more than anything no space just to be in and marvel at the natural experiences this planet has to offer.
Anyone can have big dreams, goals and missions.
But to go for those dreams, without causing havoc in other areas of life is a whole new level of success.

My husband and I, along with our two children, have been on this path for a while now.
We’ve had our challenges, without doubt.
Financial risk
Criticism and judgment from others
Giant leaps of faith
Failed projects
The concern around whether we are doing the right thing by our children as we challenge the status quo
And yet…

This ride has seen us do some off piste stuff:

Practically this has looked like:

  • Buying a piece of scrub land in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and turning it into a retreat / hotel / villa development with a vision to create a space for peace, transformation and the birthing of epic ideas
  • A move to the French Alps town of Chamonix to be in the energy of the mountains, to ski, hike and just gasp in the awe daily
  • Pulling our kids from an excellent English School and into a French School which in hindsight was a disaster although character building, then into a bilingual Montessori
  • The creation of a high-level coaching practice, created from nothing
  • A mission to bring a global, progressive online children’s education system with pop up schools into the world that focuses on how to really live
  • A mission to bring access to education to all the children of the Atlas Mountains
  • Endless family and solo travel experiences between us, pushing the boundaries of adventure, from weeks of bush camping in the outback with the kids, to climbing the Matterhorn and attending high energy growth festivals every year
  • Now, with a plan this year to throw all the pieces of the puzzle in the air and take off and experience different ways of educating and cultures, the path ahead is unknown

What I have learnt through experience is that to achieve the big mission and dreams AND to feel fulfilled and alive, all facets of life must be integrated.

This is true success.

I have learnt how to put attention of all areas of life and it has served us well.

Here’s my truth, and I’m proud of it.

  • My family comes first. No matter what. Everything else slots in around it.
  • Love and respect are the magic ingredients. For yourself, your clients, your partner, your kids, your friends and your colleagues and in fact everyone you meet.
  • My health is everything. Without it my vision would remain just that. A vision. I work on my health.
  • New adventures keep us fresh, growing and broaden our perspectives. Being able to see new perspectives expands your world exponentially.
  • I invest in working on myself. Relentlessly. An endless commitment to growth.
  • A dedication to having fun is non-negotiable. Not one day some day when I have time. Now. It keeps my energy light, and frequently draws in synchronistic opportunities, beautiful people and experiences into my life.
  • I have an open mind, endless compassion and empathy plus a dose of tough love as a coach, mother, wife and friend.
  • Collaboration, connections and community floats my boat, when you dream big it’s always bigger than you. You can’t do it alone.
  • I know my limitations, I know I have blind spots and I ask for help. I have coaches and I am a member of a high-level mastermind. I am consistently challenged, held and loved.

When you focus on being the best person you can be, live in a way that is highly aligned to YOUR values, and have a mission that is way bigger than you, you have the recipe for living an extraordinary life.

Focus on these and big dreams come to fruition.

Like magic.

I work with people at the top of their game.
AND being at the top of their game is not enough for them.
They may have multiple businesses, many have made their money, are high up in the corporate game, but they are after something more.
They are after a sense of peace, space, bigger impact with their mission, deeper love and connection, adventure, and vitality.
That’s the vision I am interested in holding for you.
And if you aren’t there yet, I’ll have you dream bigger than you’ve ever felt possible and you’ll take baby steps smaller than you have ever taken that will lead to quantum leaps.


Your Invitation To…

A powerful online personal and group coaching space where you have access to my real time transformational coaching, and a tribe of game changers who are committed to supporting you and championing your quests.

Who is this for?

This is an invite only for high performers with brilliant minds, a mission in their heart and a drive to create impact.

You are committed to living extraordinary lives across all facets of life.

Why is having a coach on your side and being part of a collective of big thinkers essential?

  • High performers in any capacity know the value of a coach.
    A professional tennis player would not be without one.
    They can’t ‘see’ their game from different perspectives.
    Nor can you.
  • When you play at a high level, the slightest shift can create massive impact. Insights from a coach and others who are committed to your growth are priceless.
  • As a leader there is little scope for vulnerability.
    People look to you to have all the answers.
    Together we create a safe place to keep it real and be fully supported so you can perform at the highest level.
    No judgment. And nothing can be too messy
  • No matter how much ‘success’ you have achieved there is ALWAYS next level across the spectrum of your life.
    I’m committed to you having it all
  • Being part of a group coaching group creates unwavering support, accountability and mutual inspiration.
    Sharp minds working together creates quantum leaps

Does Online Coaching Work And How Does It Work?

Yes, it works IF:
  • You are open
  • You take responsibility by asking the questions
  • You are not afraid to speak your truth and be vulnerable with the group
  • You are willing to talk the process through
  • You are truly committed to growth
The Process:

You will have access to me coaching you privately AND as a group

  1. You will have an inital 2-hour prvate coaching call with me to start your process. The container of the group coaching will be a private Facebook Group
  2. You will be added to a secret Facebook Group where you will connect with the group
  3. You ask anything you desire coaching on clearly in the Facebook Group
  4. You share first your insights and thoughts, as a high performer you think for yourself first
  5. Then we discuss, online within the group
  6. I’ll either write or create a video in return
  7. We continue until you have the insight that will move you forward
  8. You will have a 30 minute private laser coaching call with me every month
  9. You are committed to holding the space for others
  10. You are invited to a monthly group coaching call where you have the space to ask questions live and listen to others being coached (so much learning in this)
  11. You are able to ask other members of the group for support, connections and celebration
  12. I will be regularly spotlighting each member of the group so we are all clear on who needs what support
  13. There will be a maximum of 20 group members at any one time

With all my private high-level clients, we have an element of online coaching between calls.
More often than not the process of writing ‘out loud’ brings new insight and we can move onto the next issue.

How Do I Coach?

I am not a business mentor, strategist, copywriter, teacher, trainer or whatever else can get mixed up with the definition of coaching these days.

I am a coach. I ask questions. I listen to what is being said. I listen to what is not being said. I hold the space for your greatness. I believe in you. I don’t buy into your bullshit. I offer insights and perspectives based on what you are sharing. You get to choose whether to take them or leave them.

My commitment, as your coach, is to work with you to live the most extraordinary life you can.

Can You Coach With Me Privately With Real Time Individual Calls?

Potentially yes.
I work with a maximum of 5 private clients a year with a minimum period of one year and a minimum fee of £25,000.
It’s a commitment, investment and true partnership.
And not everyone is ready or wants that.
This is an opportunity to receive coaching with less commitment, at a lower level of investment, as and when you need it AND be part of a group that is holding the space for you.

What Is Included?

  • A 2-hour initial private coaching call with me so I can dive deep and get to know you, your desires and your challenges more intimately
  • One 30 minute private coaching call with me per month
  • Unlimited access to real-time coaching within the Facebook Group
  • Opportunity to sign up to one live group coaching call every month
  • Complimentary access to Jennie’s private community group
  • Be part of a highly selected group of high performers who are committed to your growth
  • My full attention on this group

The Annual Investment

£5,000 paid in full or £500 per month for 12 months