I adventure with change makers, and my clients are invite and referral only. CEO’s, entrepreneurs, philanthropists,

corporate leaders…it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you have a mission in your heart, a burning desire to live an extraordinary life and create

a legacy that you’re proud of.

And as importantly, you hold freedom and living life on your terms in high value.

Our Play Together…

I do deep personal transformational work with clients. It’s not business coaching, strategy or ‘fixing’.
So what does that actually mean?
It’s an intimate relationship that will provide you with insights and new perspectives that will change your life. It’s a privilege I never take for granted.

And, because of the nature of the relationship, the decision to work together must be a 100% YES for both you and me.

As with any deep relationship, it is built on trust, vulnerability, integrity and commitment.

So before any commitment is made we will have had some powerful conversations so you get to experience what it is like to be coached by me. Then if we feel it is a good fit, we will create a bespoke coaching package.

For some, an intensive couple of days in a beautiful location is exactly what is required.

For you it maybe a 6-month or year long package.

I fully believe in the power of play and adventure so you’ll often find me coaching someone on top of a mountain in Chamonix, or meandering through the souks of Marrakech or wherever my latest travels take me, should you choose to join me for an intensive.

Be aware though, transformation does NOT happen over night.

It’s a process of illumination, processing, integration and emergence.

Because of this I am not available for sporadic sessions as this will not serve you.

What will we focus on?

I have no idea! You are a unique individual with a unique story and unique dreams. That said, I will:

  • Work on defining and creating the legacy YOU want to create (oh and you may think you are here to focus on one thing but it WILL impact other areas of your life)
  • Help you dream bigger than you ever have before
  • Illuminate stories that are preventing you moving to your next level
  • Work through the fears as and when they emerge
  • I’ll challenge you, laugh with you, and most probably cry with you
  • I will believe in you fully
  • I will open you up and shift your model of reality to meet the expansiveness of your mission
The Truth About My Coaching

My style of coaching is not something you undertake if you are expecting someone to fix or save you.

When I enter a coaching relationship I am fiercely committed to your dreams; however I am not responsible for them.

I ask you to bring your whole self to each session and hide nothing.

I may ask questions that feel uncomfortable. They may be uncomfortable for me to ask, but that is how we break through barriers and propel you forward.

You’ve got to be ok with that because ultimately I am not there to be your friend (hell there may be times when you hate me), but I am here to facilitate the acceleration of your impossible dreams.

I’m not here to hold you accountable; as a high performer you’ve got that covered.

You have to be willing and committed to doing the work and investing in yourself without drama, even if it’s pushing you way beyond your comfort zone.

That’s where the transformation happens.

When you work with me you are investing in time, money and energy.

My clients invest anything from £6,000 to £100,000.

If you feel you are ready to experience a powerful conversation, then please apply below.

Jennie HK
Jennie provided a whole new perspective of the physical world and the mind. In some ways, slowed down time for me or provided me the ability to do so, which has always seemed impossible in the past. I adopted a healthier lifestyle and truly exponential mind set to provide growth in my business. I find myself more calm, confident, and overall less invisible burden on the shoulder weighing me down for no justified reason. There is much to learn from Jennie, and the adventures and journey Julie and I took in the last year will be an experience to look back on often in life.