More and more these days I’m living a life of surrender. I’m being shown time and again that simply continuing to show up with curiosity and no agenda leads to expansion beyond my personal thinking.

When I talk to people about it, I often hear people say to me ‘wow the universe has your back.’ Or ‘I wish the universe would show up for me like that’.

Although obvious and understood by some, for many there is this misunderstanding that ‘the universe’ is something outside of them, something outside of their control – elusive and not reliable.

The reason I can live more from a place of ‘faith and trust’ now (and not always of course – my insecure thinking loves to show up) is because I understand this one thing more and more…


No something ‘bigger’ or outside of me.

Me. At my core.

That elusive thing that we are all trying to tap into and reach is who we are beyond our thinking.

Often the conversation is left there, and people kind of grasp it, but just like the intangible concept itself, it’s elusive and feels like it slips through our fingers. Some people feel like they are blessed and others…not so much.


So, here’s a reminder of what is true for you, me and every other single human being on the planet.

Your default setting is as follows:

– an abundance of creativity. We have the ability to have a new thought in every single moment. A new fresh thought has the potential to pivot the way you see the world – and therefore pivot your perceived reality. Our imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have.

Innate resilience.

Our ability to find super human strength is demonstrated over and over again when extreme situations occur. And it’s not just bestowed on the lucky few. We’ve evolved, endured, survived and thrived as a species for hundreds of years with our resilience. You don’t get to be special and opt out of that capacity.

Mental health.

Beyond any personal thinking lies mental health and clarity. Even those with ‘severe mental health diagnosis’ can experience moments of feeling ok. Being ok is what lies beneath.


Again, underneath thought created reality (which is what we experience on a day to day level) you are ok. You’ve always been ok, you are ok now, and you will be ok in the future. Locking eyes with my mum as she died in my arms and witnessing her being more ok than ever in her essence, despite her body giving up, taught me that in spades.

Curiosity and innovation.

We all have curiosity within our make-up. Curiosity has driven all the innovation on our planet. Your curiosity taught you to walk, talk, explore, be who you are today.



We are all connected as we are all the same at the core. Connection happens when the personal thinking is dropped and authenticity shows up. Your ability as a baby to connect was mesmerising. That is still there.

I could go on but trusting you get the picture.

Understanding this is what is available to me – that these collectively form my innate wisdom is a hell of a relief.

I don’t have to rely on some intangible concept outside of me to thrive. Thriving is my, and your, natural state. Knowing this has me relax more, knowing I don’t have to work out how to thrive cognitively.

This creates the space to actually hear the intuitive hits, then using your more cognitive skills, knowledge and experience to execute.

So have trust and faith, yes. But make sure you realise it’s you, you are trusting. There is no greater wisdom for you than yours.