I am very aware that I live in a bubble. A bubble in the mountains, a playground on my doorstep. A bubble of love with my family unit. A bubble of consciousness with the people I choose to spend time with.

I was a little out of my bubble this weekend on a trip back to the UK. In the main the bubble remained intact, yet I stepped beyond it here and there.

A glance at a newspaper – The Daily Mail I think with horror laden headlines. 
A late night bus replacement service from London (OMG never ever again please)
The tightened security with guns at airports and train stations. 
The odd conversation overheard.

I felt the underlying sense of fear that is creeping in. The messages are everywhere.

So here’s what I do. I flip it.

I look for the trust and faith I have in all people. It’s everywhere.

Other people on the road, all following the rules and preventing chaos.

The pilot, a safe, highly trained professional, delivering me to my destination.

Jam packed Christmas shopping chaos in the shops in Brighton, yet courtesy and order prevails.

A taxi man, driving me alone at 3am down a country lane.

It’s a list that goes on and on.

We put faith in people every single day. Every race, every religion.Human Race Image

And very occasionally, for reasons unfathomable to you and I, something happens within a person (a reason that we can’t begin to comprehend having not lived their model of reality), and the societal rules are crushed.

Causing chaos & fear.

BUT – it is such a minuscule part of the population.

Everywhere else, love and faith in each other is present. It’s EVERYWHERE.

And it’s beautiful.

All attention should be focused on this.

The human race is remarkable.