I’ve been pondering over my Mum’s strength through her two-year cancer journey.

She was determined. She fought. She refused to take on the doctor’s beliefs as gospel. She lived more fully in those last two years than ever before.

Her strength astounded me all the way through.

But none more so than those last few weeks. She knew. She knew her time to transition was coming and she gracefully accepted that.

With acceptance came immense power.

With acceptance she could let go of fear and just be with what was.

With acceptance she could be fully present to each moment.

With acceptance she could choose excitement for the next stage.

With acceptance she could release all that simply didn’t matter.

With acceptance she could allow her body to go on the journey it needed to go on.

With acceptance she kept her humour, a light energy and made it easy for everyone around her.

With acceptance she no longer cared what others thought and spoke her truth (she became a true sage in those last few weeks).

With acceptance there was peace.

She taught me the power of acceptance.

Acceptance does not mean ‘giving up or giving in’ to a situation.
Far from it.
She was a warrior in her acceptance.

It simply means being with what is with no negative charge.
It’s an allowing.
It gives you space for choice.
It gives you energy.

No space for a victim mentality – wishing things were different, wondering why ‘me’, energy zapping by pushing against the flow.

No matter what is going on for you, starting from a place of acceptance for ‘what is’ actually creates the space for positive change.

Thank you, Mama, for yet another gift.