Interesting conversation first thing with Babs this morning…

Me: Isn’t it liberating to think that we could make so many different decisions TODAY that would change the direction of our lives

Me: We could live half the year in the tropics.

Babs: I could build a hotel in Costa Rica

Me: We could cut out sugar as of today

Babs: We could travel the world with a tutor for the kids

Me: I could completely change my career (not planning on)

Babs: We could build a chalet in Chamonix

Me: I could coach billionaires to leave MASSIVE legacies

Babs: I could train to be a semi professional skier

Me: I could open a Thai restaurant in Chamonix (CRAVING)

Babs: I could provide education to every child in the Atlas Mountains Region

Me: I could train to dance

Me: We could build an animal sanctuary in Tibet

Ha! The list went on. The point is, you can make ANY decision every single day. You might not have a bloody clue HOW to do anything. Your circumstances might seem utterly ridiculous in relation to your decision.

I remember receiving a random phone call from Babs years ago. I was pregnant. His business in London had closed as a big client defaulted. He casually said I’m buying a piece of land with my brother in Morocco and a couple of Riads in Marrakech.


I knew baby brain existed but I couldn’t make sense of anytThe Power Of The What If Gamehing. No money at the time. New house. Everything up in the air.

But it happened. Now there’s a hotel & 13 villas. As have so many other things happened.

It starts with a decision. And crazy conversations.

Play the ‘what if’ game – see where it takes you.

Think 90s years old in the rocking chair looking back. Think legacy. Think Impact. Think adventure. Think fun.

Think ALIVE.