Put us in a room together and we could talk for hours.

You and I share the belief that we are on this planet to fully experience what it has to offer.

You live into the world of impossibility. You are already, or want to be, bucking the norm and you will never be satisfied with the mediocre when your soul is crying out for more.

You’re tuned into the call of adventure, play is part of you (regardless of whether it’s been hidden, you know it’s there) and you care deeply about this planet.

You’re fully awake, but due to the nature of the society and environments we live in you don’t always get to speak your crazy dreams out loud.

When you are not consistently focused on living and breathing those dreams and surrounding yourself with people that say ‘of course’ when you mention your dream, they can lose a bit of power.

The dreams can feel a little ‘over there.’
You get stuck in the ‘how.’
They get put on hold.
And become one-day some-day.

My family have been following that path less trodden for a while now. It’s seen us do some off piste stuff.

  • Buying a piece of scrub land in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and turning it into a retreat / hotel / villa development
  • A move to the French Alps town of Chamonix to be in the energy of the mountains, to ski, hike and just gasp in the awe daily
  • Experimenting with education based on the evolution of our kids, from English education to French, Montessori to progressive online tutoring
  • The creation of a high-level coaching practice, created from nothing
  • A mission to bring a global, progressive online children’s education system with pop up schools into the world that focuses on how to really live
  • A mission to bring access to education to all the children of the Atlas Mountains
  • Endless family and solo travel experiences between us, pushing the boundaries of adventure, from weeks of bush camping in the outback with the kids, to climbing the Matterhorn and attending high energy growth festivals every year

Now this year sees us throwing all the pieces of the puzzle up in the air in the pursuit of more adventure and education exploration for our children.

We will be leaving the mountains for a period to travel the world, whilst pursuing new business opportunities and innovative education.

People have been asking me for sometime now similar questions:

“How? How do you work it all out?”
“How do you make those sorts of decisions?”
“How do you and Babs have such a connected relationship?”
“How do you parent in the way that you do?”
“How do you have the belief and trust that it will all work out?”
“How do you deal with the risks that you take?”
“How do you do it financially?”
“How can I create the lifestyle I want when I have the rest of my family to think about?”
“How do you manage to travel so much?”

The truth is, it’s all a work in progress, and everyday brings new opportunities, challenges and insights.

Sometimes I am so fired up with excitement I can’t control myself.
Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed.
Sometimes I make quantum leaps happen.
Sometimes I simply don’t know the answer.
Sometimes I am so inspired that everything lines up
Sometimes I sit and binge on Netflix.

Wherever I am at, through my coaching practice I know the value of sharing my stories.

They are stories of triumph, challenges, insight, inspiration, possibility, and vulnerability.

Your stories, dreams and insights are equally valuable. We need to hear them.


I have created us a safe space to cut through the crap on Facebook and keep it real.

A place where you can

  • Declare your dreams, your missions, your challenges and no-one will raise an eyebrow
  • Ask questions, be supported
  • Be held and inspired by a community of high performers that are as committed to living your quest as you are

I will be:

  • Focusing on a specific area of life each month, through coaching experiences, livestreams, shared inspirational stories, and experts where appropriate
  • Sharing my continual journey and insights as my journey continues to unfold (not just for the sake of it though so don’t expect me to be posting everyday, I’ll be busy living)
  • Introducing you to some pretty phenomenal people who I think you would benefit knowing
  • Holding the space for you to create and live your extraordinary life
  • Growing a connected community

I’ll be talking about all things close to my heart:

  • Growth
  • Mission
  • Quantum Leaps
  • Dreams
  • Travelling
  • Adventure
  • Education
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Parenting/kids
  • Relationships/connection
  • And general playful stuff

I’m pretty precious about the people I spend time with. It’s one of the most important things I have learnt along the way.

To ensure the quality and commitment of this group there is a nominal monthly subscription of £11.00 to be a part of this space. I know the value will massively outweigh the small cost, and from experience, I know that with even the smallest investment in yourself will have you pay more attention to your dreams.

You can cancel at any time, no drama or questions asked.

About Jennie HK

  • Jennie is a transformational coach, working with high performers around the globe who are mission based, and non-negotiable about living meaningful and joyful lives.

     She works with CEO's and entrepreneurs from diverse industries, to awaken them to their innate wellbeing, inner peace and enhanced performance.

 She believes in the power of experiences and can be found taking her clients to the mountains of Chamonix, the serenity of her hotel in Morocco, or to her current home...Bali, where she lives with her husband and two children.