JANUARY 11 – 13th

For high-achievers looking to create more space, energy and clarity.

This Is For You If:

  • You’d like to tap into more flow and well-being to 2019
  • You want to feel a sense of inner peace and certainty
  • You crave more freedom
  • You are looking for a fresh new perspective on creating your desires
  • You feel like you have limited time to optimize important areas of life
  • You want to deepen your relationships
  • You are open to exploring the connection to your spiritual nature
  • You’d like the space to mastermind your impossible dreams

Your state of mind and well-being directly effects the amount of impact you can have in the world

Here’s what I have learnt over the past ten years in the privileged role of a coach and studying the human experience, no matter who you are:

  • Your capacity as a human being is extraordinary
  • We are built to thrive
  • Your access to quantum thinking and leaps is closer than you think
  • Innovative and creative thinking is within you
  • Deeply connected relationships are actually simple to have, most people are missing one vital piece of understanding
  • Well-being is your default
  • You have access to Inner Peace no matter what is going on in your life

I’d been in the personal growth and development space for years both as a coach and a student, and was weighed down and overwhelmed by all the things I was ‘supposed to do’ to thrive.

It turns out, I was making it complicated.  I was looking in the wrong direction for answers, both for my clients and myself. Since looking in a different direction life has been expanding rapidly.  Bringing this into my coaching has seen clients achieving exponential results whilst being in a place of inner calm, increased well-being and simply enjoying life more.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether I am coaching a billionaire, a CE0 of a multi million-dollar company, or someone just starting out.

I know the above to be true. 

That’s a powerful place to be coached from.


John Davy

Serial entrepreneur, Testimonial post initial retreat on year long Xponential programme.

Jennie Harland-Khan


“You get to breathe around Jennie. Time and space takes on a new reality.

Jennie has a calm and graceful presence, which is deceptive. She has an uncanny ability for anyone to feel safe and completely open in her presence, and before you know it you will be dreaming bigger than you ever deemed possible and stepping into the real essence of who you are.

Then she’ll hold that space for you like a warrior princess. There’s nothing for it other than to move into the dream.

Her playful approach, depth of listening and capacity to care will have you take leaps you never deemed possible because the foundational springboard that she represents is so strong.

She IS possibility.”


No 1 Super Power: Bringing To Life The Super Power In Others

Jennie HKApril Blanchard, Partner,
When I first met Jennie, I felt she instantly ‘got me’ - the successful business woman with so many plates spinning she could open her own china shop!

Jennie is forensic in her ability to enable you to uncover the real truth, and the important issues that you haven’t even acknowledged to yourself. She does this in a way that is highly intuitive, and, importantly, feels safe.

She is an enabler who helps you carve your own furrow, rather than imposing a cookie cutter perspective.

I can truthfully say that working with Jennie, changed my life. I have gone from frantic to now having time to pursue personal passions and give more attention to my teenage children. Additionally I now have the headspace to take my business from six to seven figures.
Jennie HKPhilippa Craddock, Founder, Royal Wedding Florist,
I went into working with Jennie thinking ‘oh, why not’, but had I realized what was involved and what I would get from our time together, my answer would have without a doubt been ‘absolutely, no question’.

I was highly ambitious before, but through the sessions with Jennie, dreams I had had previously of my business and lifestyle are without a doubt now possible and actually probably only a few years away. The speed at which things are happening are extraordinary.
Jennie HKClaire Cater, Founder,
If you're uncertain about coaching - then you probably need Jennie.  She's a lot like chilli chocolate if that makes sense. A surprising mix that works and challenges your preconceptions. I found she has challenged me with gentleness and light touch firmness - but always with positivity on every level.

Prioritising coaching (and me frankly), getting organised and changing my behaviour was tough and boy I took a while to adapt. But I have. Jennie has helped me to restore calm and control to my life, create a vision and head towards it. I've had the toughest time in my life in recent years and it's a testament to our work that I am more not less sane, than I was. I would almost say I feel like a responsible adult - but I never want to leave the child behind. I can't thank her enough.

The Details

Dates: 11-13th January

Location: The Fish Hotel, Cotswolds



£2,000 if booked before December 20th

(Accommodation and Meals not included)


11th: 2pm – 5pm

12th & 13th: 10-5pm

One follow up call post event

If you would like to apply please email
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About Jennie HK

  • Jennie is a transformational coach, working with high performers around the globe who are mission based, and non-negotiable about living meaningful and joyful lives.

     She works with CEO's and entrepreneurs from diverse industries, to awaken them to their innate wellbeing, inner peace and enhanced performance.

 She believes in the power of experiences and can be found taking her clients to the mountains of Chamonix, the serenity of her hotel in Morocco, or to her current home...Bali, where she lives with her husband and two children.