A community of high-achieving, courageous explorers, with a thirst for living.

The sole purpose of Xponential Living is that every single person that enters this Portal is invested in living their version of a Big Life.

This is about throwing yourself into life with a true sense of adventure

  • Adventure in your relationships
  • Adventure in your family
  • Adventure in your professional life
  • And above all, adventure within yourself

Who you surround yourself with shapes your life. 
Calibrating to a group of humans who are committed to creating a truly enriched life is priceless.


Our mission is to guide, inspire and support you by offering a fresh approach to the formulaic world of ‘self-improvement’.



We do this by sharing:


  • Behind the scenes of what actually goes on, whilst on the wild ride of living a big life
  • Deeply personal real-life insights as they are happening for us
  • Practical mentorship to help you navigate the inevitable curveballs along the way
  • Reflections on valuable and often tough lessons learnt over the years, of relationship, parenting and entrepreneurship
  • Helpful insights over years of coaching high achievers

What will you be a part of:


  • A private mastermind FB Group for members only, where we interact with guidance
  • A monthly community Q&A Live call
  • Weekly Facebook Lives
  • A community of support, inspiration and celebration
  • A whole lot of love, humour and encouragement

Who Are We?


Hello! We are Jen and Babs. We’ve been riding the crest of life individually and together for over two decades. We’ve navigated the good, the bad and the ugly. And continue to do so.

Life for us is adventure.

For the past few years, we’ve had numerous requests for our mentorship. After running intimate high-end Xponential Masterminds, which were limited to few and were high ticket entry, we wanted to make this mentorship more accessible.

Here’s a little context…

  • 20 years of a continually evolving marriage
  • 17 years of a commitment to a thriving family life with our kids, continually making bold decisions along the way
  • A lifetime of adventure and travel for both of us individually and as a family, which has seen us all relocate from the UK to Chamonix and then to our current location, Bali
  • 23 years of entrepreneurship, with the wildest highs and lows, including bringing to life a scrub of land in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and transforming it into a boutique resort
  • 13 years of being an under the radar elite coach, supporting some of the world’s highest achievers navigate their big lives
  • 50 years between us of investing a significant amount of time and money into our own personal growth
  • The navigation of grief, near bankruptcy, near death and dark nights of the soul

As a seasoned coach and mentor to high-achieving clients across the globe, Jennie is a skilful guide with some ninja-can’t-quite-explain energy shifting tricks up her sleeve.

A visionary entrepreneur who is dedicated to his own growth and learning, Babs is a pragmatic voice of deep experience.

Together, we are here to support you.


The Investment

$111 per Month


The Brains & The Brawn

(You decide…)



Jennie Harland-Khan


“You get to breathe around Jennie. Time and space takes on a new reality.

Jennie has a calm and graceful presence, which is deceptive. She has an uncanny ability for anyone to feel safe and completely open in her presence, and before you know it you will be dreaming bigger than you ever deemed possible and stepping into the real essence of who you are.

Then she’ll hold that space for you like a warrior princess. There’s nothing for it other than to move into the dream.

Her playful approach, depth of listening and capacity to care will have you take leaps you never deemed possible because the foundational springboard that she represents is so strong.

She IS possibility.”


No 1 Super Power: Bringing To Life The Super Power In Others

Babs Harland-Khan


“Life is exciting with Babs.

He’s an adventurer at heart and has an extraordinary talent for seeing and drawing the adventurer out in others. Babs brings hugely positive energy and playfulness wherever he goes… whether he’s with his colleagues, family, friends or expedition partners.

His energy unites people. His lightness of being, fun and humour defuse difficult situations and put people at ease.

Equally, when a situation requires his absolute attention, time stops and he is unwavering in his focus.

Babs is a leader in the true sense. He gently takes people just beyond where they would normally stop, but he does this with deep care and a big heart.”


No 1 Super Power: Bending Reality