There is a lot of focus on who are the amazing coaches and often people take on a coach because they think THE COACH is going to get them their results.

The truth is, to get amazing results from coaching you HAVE to show up as a powerful client. AND you are the one that does the work.

A coach is NOT responsible for your results. In fact, I never promise results. How can I, unless I literally go out and do all the work for you. It’s just not what coaching is about.

When you enter into a coaching agreement, YOU are responsible for getting your own results. The role of the coach is to empower you to be who you need to be to get your OWN results.

If you are expecting someone else to do the work, you won’t get the results.

If you are not prepared to try and identify your own stumbling blocks and do what you know to do before coming to a coaching session, so you can focus on what you don’t know to do, you won’t get the true value of coaching.

If you are not prepared to be vulnerable and completely open, then you won’t get the value of coaching.Great coaching client

If you don’t invest in yourself to a level that is a bit of stretch, it’s highly unlikely you will value the coaching enough to show up and do the work.

If you are waiting to be saved, go find yourself a knight in shining armor, a coach can’t save or fix you.

If you feel dependent on your coach every time a problem occurs and ‘need’ to speak to them…all you are creating is another co-dependent relationship.

This might all sound a little harsh and you may be thinking well what the f**k does the coach do then and how come they get to charge so much?

Well, a good coach will support you too create the mental shift for YOU to be a powerful leader in whatever it is that you want to achieve, so you get to do that again and again in life.

If you are willing to step up and take responsibility, it’s the most powerful and transformational thing you could do in life – everything changes. And THAT is the value of coaching.

I remember being in a coaching relationship as a client a few years back where I simply wasn’t coachable. I wasn’t available to go deep, I never showed up prepared, and unsurprisingly I didn’t get the results I wanted.

I was aware enough to know that responsibility lay with me and not my coach, but that was ALOT of money to have invested and to have not got the value from – because the truth was she was a super powerful coach.

So if you are thinking about coaching, just check in with yourself, are you looking to be ‘saved’ or are you willing ready to step up as a powerful leader in your own life?