I believe all any of us actually want is this:

  • An underlying sense of peacefulness.
  • The feeling of being fully alive.
  • Being deeply connected to self and each other – which actually has you feel alive so maybe it’s just two.

We crave it as humans.

All the stuff around what we say we want comes back to these things.

The pursuit of the perfect body, the six, seven, hell I think I even heard 8 figure business, the individual missions, the latest technology, the PHD, the addictions to tech, drugs, alcohol, food, each other – when you strip it all down and get to the deeper why, it comes back to the above.

Yet we spend our lives striving for more, consuming more, destroying the planet more, then the conscious ones get busy trying to fix the destruction of the planet and of ourselves.

Yet if we were to just stop for a moment.
Be with each other.
Look into each other’s eyes.
Reflect on ‘what is’ right NOW
Notice the beauty around you
Marvel at the natural miracles that are unfolding right in front of you every day
Stop trying to prove ourselves and start BEING ourselves
You would have your breath taken away by the beauty of it all.

The ‘stuff’ that comes up and has us stressed is ultimately just stuff, stuff we have created ourselves. And ironically most of that stress and pressure comes from our own projections, the imagination of what might happen, it’s not real in this instant.

It’s taken me a while to really get this and I am work in progress, but I’m noticing no matter how much uncertainty there is in my life right now (believe me there is alot!), or pressures, when I take myself back into this place of deeper knowing, that all is well the sense of peace is blissful. AND it then opens me up to noticing here and now, which has me feel alive.

The ironic thing that I am noticing by practising this is that more opportunities and creativity is flowing to and through me than I have ever experienced.

You want to make a transformational shift in your life?
To me this IS the work.

And what now underlies any work I do with clients. Because from this place of being, everything else flows.

In my experience few people get this, they believe once they get everything else sorted in life, they might have more time to look at this.

Which makes for a select client base for me, and I am always deeply impressed by those who are willing to do this work.

My feeling though is that people are beginning to wake up to this, because the other relentless pursuits are burning people out, and silently killing people. It simply isn’t sustainable.

You may or may not resonate with this message. If you do, it’s either because you have already experienced the truth in this, OR your soul is yearning for it.

Listen to it. It’s important. Without a doubt the most important work you can do.