A Highly Curated Group: an Elite Circle of High Performers

Brilliant, Diverse Minds to Inspire, Challenge and Support You

12 Months to Learn How to Step into Flow & Operate from your Zone of Genius

12 Months of Group & Individual Transformational Coaching

2 Adventures in Awe-Inspiring Locations

A Hotbed for Quantum Leaps

Our mission is to take you from your Zone of Excellence into your Zone of Genius.

Your Zone of Excellence represents Conventional Success. Wealth. Status. Power. Goals. Hard Work.

Your Zone of Genius represents Fulfilment. Holistic Abundance. Extraordinary Relationships. Flow. Impact & Contribution.

Your life will shift to the realms of the extraordinary.

From here you will create exponential impact in the world.

Where You Are Now

  • Operating in a zone of excellence
  • You have created success in one or more areas of your life
  • You’ve proved your worth
  • You know there is another level

The Problem Is

  • You crave more freedom
  • You crave a sense of inner peace now
  • You’re on a circular path that feels like it may never be enough
  • You have limited options to support your growth
  • You’ve got to be the rock, whether that is in business, for family, for friends
  • You’ve nowhere to be vulnerable and to explore the fears that are holding you back
  • You’ve limited time, capacity, and energy to optimize areas of your life that you know are really important
  • You’ve achieved great things in other people’s eyes, but you know there is so much more that’s available for you
  • You feel your success story has become outdated and it’s time for your second phase
  • You know that a shift, some simple reengineering is all that is needed to achieve extraordinary heights across all areas of life
  • You know the true potential for this expansion is when you’re surrounded by other brilliant people also committed to growth
  • You know that now is the time. There is no choice. It’s so close.

Your Soul Is Calling


  • You’ve reached a point where traditional measures of success are no longer enough
  • You want to have constant access to a sense of peace and feeling fully alive
  • You want to create to something bigger than you
  • You want to feel inspired and fulfilled in all areas of life





This is a unique opportunity to spend 12 months exploring and operating within the realm of the impossible.

XPONENTIAL is a combination of deep transformational coaching, physical adventure, exhilarating vision, and deep connection, within an awe-inspiring environment.

No seminar rooms, no upselling, no information overload, no prescriptions.

During this period we will be:

  • Shining the light on where you are right now
  • Taking you from linear to quantum leap thinking
  • Giving you the tools to create the impossible across all areas of life
  • A framework to operate from a place of innate wisdom and creative flow rather than thinking your way to success
  • Showing you how you can access a sense of peace whatever is transpiring externally
  • Supporting you to cut out the clutter, keep it simple, have fun and create real impact
  • Developing your power to bend reality
  • Opening your life to a state of flow

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible…”  Arthur C Clark

An Elite Community

An intimate group of men and women from diverse industries and backgrounds.

Each person will be highly accomplished in particular areas of their life, with strong connections.

There will be no passengers and no one will be left behind.

We will stretch each other, hold mirrors up, challenge and fully support each other.

Each will have strengths and weaknesses that compliment the strengths and weaknesses of others within the group.

As a whole, the group will cover all bases, in spades.

Everyone will rise to each other’s highest game.

The result? Some of the most deeply connected, authentic relationships you’ve ever had.

What Participants Have To Say

(Click names for LinkedIn profiles)

John Davy

Serial entrepreneur, investor and speaker

Jonathan Lewis

CEO Corporate

Paul Lee

Global Entrepreneur | Investor | Founder & CEO ONU

Chris Traub

Co-Founder | Chairman & Exponential Technology, Investors, & CEO Practices at Strategic Executive Search (SES) Group

Joyce Chien

CEO at Shinih Enterprise

Ian Rowledge

Founder & Director of OptimumFX & LineView Solutions

Joseph Wojcik

International Executive

Sabinije Von Gaffke

Global Communications Expert- Moderator- TV Journalist – Change Maker| Nominated: ‘Moderator of the Year 2017’

Group Curation

To be part of this group:

  • You’re up for adventure mentally, physically and emotionally
  • You have a commitment to playing full out
  • You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone
  • You have a strong desire to be surrounded by people who inspire you
  • You’re open to radical shifts in perspectives
  • You’re willing to be vulnerable
  • You’re 100% committed to your brilliance
  • You’re 100% committed to your peers in the group
  • You’re willing to question the rules you’ve played by to date

This is not for you if:

  • If you’re going to let bullshit excuses get in the way of a quantum leap
  • You don’t have the burning desire to create an extraordinary life
  • You think you can’t show up because you’re too busy
  • You’re a solo player
  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself

Xponential Toolkit

Two Retreats

We’re selecting environments and curating transformational & adventure experiences in a way that we know will catalyze growth, inspire, play to your edge and open up new perspectives. These are playgrounds for adventurous souls.
The energy alone will shift you.

March 2019: Bali
August 2019: Chamonix, France


A simple, powerful taught framework that has the power to create exponential growth in every single area of life

Rotating Accountability Partner

A rotating Accountability Partner from the group each month to mastermind with and gain insights from.


Monthly Group Coaching Call

Each month the circle will gather for a mastermind
coaching call.
Throughout the month you will be given assignments in the form of provocatve questioning or specific exercises, which we will discuss on these calls.



Monthly Personal Coaching Call

A private coaching call with Jennie each month to support your personal journey.

Online Community

An online space for group reflection, insights, breakthroughs, breakdowns, celebrations and requests for support.
As a member of this group you will be committed to showing up fully in this space.

The Brains & The Brawn

(You decide…)

Jennie Harland-Khan


“You get to breathe around Jennie. Time and space takes on a new reality.

Jennie has a calm and graceful presence, which is deceptive. She has an uncanny ability for anyone to feel safe and completely open in her presence, and before you know it you will be dreaming bigger than you ever deemed possible and stepping into the real essence of who you are.

Then she’ll hold that space for you like a warrior princess. There’s nothing for it other than to move into the dream.

Her playful approach, depth of listening and capacity to care will have you take leaps you never deemed possible because the foundational springboard that she represents is so strong.

She IS possibility.”


No 1 Super Power: Bringing To Life The Super Power In Others

Babs Harland-Khan


“Life is exciting with Babs.

He’s an adventurer at heart and has an extraordinary talent for seeing and drawing the adventurer out in others. Babs brings hugely positive energy and playfulness wherever he goes… whether he’s with his colleagues, family, friends or expedition partners.

His energy unites people. His lightness of being, fun and humour defuse difficult situations and put people at ease.

Equally, when a situation requires his absolute attention, time stops and he is unwavering in his focus.

Babs is a leader in the true sense. He gently takes people just beyond where they would normally stop, but he does this with deep care and a big heart.”


No 1 Super Power: Bending Reality

The Investment

£25,000 Payment in Full.

Payment Plan Option:
£3,000 Deposit, £2,000 Per month for 12 months

Your committment

(Flights and accomodation not included)

Next Steps.

XPONENTIAL is invite-only.

If you are reading this, we, or someone you know, thinks you are a Superhero.

If XPONENTIAL resonates with you, you want to know more about how you could be a part of this, then let’s speak.

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