I remember a coach saying that to me once and I nodded thinking yeah, yeah I get it. But I didn’t really.

But as my capacity to navigate life grows, the more beyond belief and slightly bonkers my life becomes. And, what I am forever telling my clients ‘and you are ok’ – stands firm.

In the last few months there’s been a series of events which have unfolded which, if you had told me were coming, I would have laughed in disbelief.

They’ve covered the human spectrum of experience and therefore feelings – deep love and connection, deep fear, near death experiences for those closest to me, impossible time lines where only a perceived miracle was the answer, financial tightness to abundance, extraordinary travel, the mundane of everyday life, a new business, new clients, new direction, a dream wedding planned and delivered in 5 days, countless guests, intense social time for weeks on end over the school summer period, and an increasing number of intimate conversations with some of the most evolved people I’ve ever had the pleasure and opportunity to meet.

The main thing is though – NONE of this was planned. I have let go of ‘plans’ as such. For those of you that have read it, I feel like I am literally in ‘The Surrender Experiment’ right now.

I have to admit it’s fun, challenging, scary, expansive, exhausting at times, energising, and the under current beneath it all is a sense of calm and peace. All is exactly as it should be. There is nothing to do or change.

None of this is unique to me though. We think we live within ‘certainty’ but very little of what we believe is certain actually is. Acceptance of that opens up a whole new experience of life.

If you knew that you were completely equipped with your own unique wisdom and guidance system the amount of anxiety and worry / stress that consumes so many people would dissolve and that energy can be redirected in much more positive ways.

So yeah. I get it now. I’ll never be given more than I can handle. Because ‘I’ don’t have to handle it. The intelligence behind life, from which we all come from, and is us, has got that covered. Phew.

We have everything we need within to both survive and thrive, no matter what is thrown at us. Sometimes we just need a little help seeing that.

And as a sidetone – an addition to that is that I saw that even in death, having witnessed up close, we are still ok. My mum taught me that.