The traditional definition of success, money + status, is rarely enough.

To truly LIVE with meaning requires something more.

It’s easy to be successful in a career or a business at the cost of deeply connected relationships.

It’s easy to devote your life to building your empire whilst putting on hold carefree fun and adventure.

It’s easy to win accolades whilst neglecting your health and wellbeing.

But at the end of it all… what’s your legacy?

What are you going to be looking back on and being immensely proud of?

What is the impact and contribution that you are going to pass down to generations to come?

What ways of being and showing up in the world will leave a positive footprint?

How much fun, adventure and experience have you had? And who will you be surrounded by, shrouding you in love?

Focusing on these questions will lead to an extraordinary life.

It’s edgy, it’s uncomfortable at times and vulnerability is a must.

Few dare to go there. Then few dare to live extraordinary lives.

I coach mission driven, high achievers who have a focus on living an extraordinary life, have impossible dreams

and a desire to create a legacy.

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Jennie HK
Jennie provided a whole new perspective of the physical world and the mind. In some ways, slowed down time for me or provided me the ability to do so, which has always seemed impossible in the past. I adopted a healthier lifestyle and truly exponential mind set to provide growth in my business. I find myself more calm, confident, and overall less invisible burden on the shoulder weighing me down for no justified reason. There is much to learn from Jennie, and the adventures and journey Julie and I took in the last year will be an experience to look back on often in life.